SF Crawl 2008, Bamboo Hut

Posted by TraderTiki on October 11th, 2008 — Posted in Events, Places, Tiki Drinks

The second stop on our San Francisco trip is the sweet and petite Bamboo Hut on Broadway.  The Bamboo Hut is unassuming from the outside, seated between a few adult DVD stores, but once inside the Tikis realy stand out, as well as a few poles, Lauhala matting, and puffer fish scattered about.

Bamboo Hut Masks

Volcano Bowls are regularly brought down from the shelf for excited patrons, ready to share a drink with a few friends (or sneaky strangers with excessively long straws).  The Bamboo Hut serves a decent amount of Tiki  Themed Drinks (though note, I did not say decent drinks), with their signature being  finger-lit Volcano bowl.  If you don’t know the finger trick, well, let’s just say learn the ways of 151 from a pro before attempting at home.  Bad things can happen .

The Bamboo Hut is the end of the Tiki Adventure on Friday night, and tomorrow brings us to Forbidden Island and a few more East bay drinking spots.

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Comment by Chris

Ok Blair, so what is the trick to this finger-lighting business?

From the video, it’s all in the timing, no? That is, there’s a small window of time in which the rum is burning off & not scorching your finger?


Posted on October 15, 2008 at 8:41 pm

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