The Best 3-Ingredient Drinks That You Can Easily Make at Home

If you’re working with a minimalist home bar, one-bottle drink recipes can be a great place to start. However, if you’ve got a bit more variety, or are contemplating adding another bottle to your collection, then these 3-ingredient recipes below will quickly become your go-to house drinks.

These easy-to-make cocktails are perfect for anyone looking to elevate their home bar experience without needing a shopping list of ingredients. Let’s look at what these are.

Sherry Martini

Sherry is a fortified wine, but what sets it apart is its unique profile shaped by yeast and oxidation, rather than additional herbs and spices. In a martini, dry sherry contributes its signature salty, nutty, and vividly savory notes. 

While a garnish isn’t strictly necessary, adding a slice of jamón ibérico can further enhance the drink’s savory character.

Obituary Cocktail

If you’re well-acquainted with martinis, consider meeting their intriguing relative: the Obituary cocktail. 

This cocktail starts with the familiar base of gin and dry vermouth but introduces a splash of absinthe or pastis. The added anise flavor enhances the herbal aromatics of the gin and vermouth, giving the drink a lively twist.

Frozen Negroni

Think of it as a Negroni’s frosty cousin. This blended version may borrow from the original, but it’s delightful enough to merit its own spotlight. 

To achieve the perfect balance in its frozen state, the amounts of bittersweet Campari and sweet vermouth are slightly reduced compared to the classic Negroni recipe.

That said, if you want a stress-free hosting experience and a drink that stays icy longer, you can make a batch of the cocktail and store it in your freezer overnight. This ensures a frosty beverage that won’t instantly turn your blender’s ice to water.

Brown Gin

In the 19th century, British Navy sailors combated seasickness with Angostura bitters. However, taking bitters straight up was quite overpowering, so they blended it with gin for easier consumption. Thus, pink gin came into existence. 

This modern, brown-tinted variation elevates the spice level, resulting in a drink infused with citrus and clove notes that are both bitter and wonderfully tasty.

Man About Town

If you’re torn between a classic Negroni and a Boulevardier, and find yourself leaning towards the latter, you’ll want to try this rye-based version from New York’s Gramercy Tavern. 

This twist swaps out Campari for Cynar, a vegetal and bittersweet liqueur. The result is a robust, complex cocktail featuring a kick of rye spice and a luxurious, bitter finish.

Rob Roy

No need to splurge on expensive single-malt Scotch for this Manhattan twist; a good-quality blended Scotch will harmonize just fine with rich sweet vermouth and the spice of Angostura bitters.

If you’re skeptical about vermouth, it’s possible you’ve only experienced oxidized bottles. Make sure to get a fresh one and store it correctly.

Moto Guzzi

The Punt e Mes is an Italian vermouth that’s rich in wine flavors and marked by a strong bitter undertone. It’s excellent on its own, requiring little else to shine in a cocktail. 

However, if you combine it with an equal part of high-proof bourbon, then you’ve got the simplest Manhattan variation you can whip up – no additional bitters needed!

Jason Sweeney

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