Pearl Diver’s Punch, on the Menu Feb 19th

Posted by TraderTiki on February 14th, 2008 — Posted in Don the Beachcomber, Rum, Sippin' Safari, Teardrop Tiki Menu

Another one, already covered in an earlier post, but certainly worth a few more makings, and revisiting!

I must tell you, I’ve had the damnedest time with this one. It’s a bit of a nightmare to make right, but a real killer-diller once it’s made.  The drink was developed by Don the Beachcomber circa 1937, and was replaced in later years by a stripped-down version called the Pearl Diver.  The gimmick of this drink was a Pearl in every fifth one!  I’ll have to talk with the staff at Teardrop Lounge about this, might be a bit off the budget.

Pearl Diver's Punch

It’s a smooth, sweet and tart drink, with a lot of depth from the rums.  It’s no joke to mix, no fooling, with a lot of different measurements, but the result is pure Donn Beach.

The recipe for both the batter and the drink can be found in Sippin’ Safari.  The real punch with this one is the Don’s Batter, great for a hot drink, but the butter can just be heckfire in a nice cool Pearl Diver’s Punch.  Here are some tips that work for me, after a LOT of trial and error (ghee, clarified butter, hot, cold, you name it).

  • Clarify the butter, or use Ghee if you can find it.  This just helps minimize the milk solids to be found.
  • Use the batter at just above room temperature.  A 5-second jaunt in the microwave works well.
  • Using a cocktail shaker with ice, give it 15 seconds in the DRINKMASTER or other top-down mixer.
  • Strain with a hawthorne strainer into a chimney or pilsner glass filled with crushed ice.

This seems to minimize the “clumpiness” the drink can acquire, saves pulling out the fine-mesh strainer, and, if you’re using a top-down mixer, saves you from pulling out the blender.

This is another entry on the special menu on Tiki Third Tuesday at Teardrop, Feb 19th.  See you there!

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Comment by Tiare

Oh yeah..all those trial and errors..been through them too.
At one point i pretended not to see the little annoying milk solids..

But when done right its an AMAZING drink!

Posted on May 14, 2008 at 1:30 pm

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