Cigar Pairing, and the Donga Punch

Posted by TraderTiki on August 11th, 2007 — Posted in Rum, Sippin' Safari, Tasting

Tonight, tonight… what a night indeed.

Tonight’s Sippin’ Safari drink was the Donga Punch. A delicious little number featuring Martinique Rum.

I have one bottle of St. James Extra Old I use on rare occasion. The only reason I open it so infrequently is because it is my favorite Martinique of what I’ve tried, and while I could easily drown in the stuff (and the debt which would incur), I prefer to save and savor it for special occasions. A Donn Beach recipe, of course, is a very special occasion indeed. There are only a few ingredients, but in them you can really feel the brilliance of Donn’s drinks. Now, this is not a typical Beachcomber, in that it is missing out on the Absinthe-Sub and Blender mixing he seemed oh so fond of, but it does contain Donn’s Mix, which is Grapefruit Juice and Cinnamon syrup. This pairs with the Martinique fantastically, with the lime to balance the spicy and earthy tones with citrus. This is certainly my new favorite cocktail. Until the next one, of course.

Rum & Cigar pairing

Down at Forbidden Island in Alameda, this is done monthly. For my budget, it’s done a bit less frequently, but is savored when done so. This evening, it was Ron Pampero Aniversario with a Cubano Limitido Fonseca Robusto. The cigar was recommended by the fine folks at Rich’s Cigar shop on Alder in downtown Portland. The Cigar, medium-bodied, carried a nice strong spice which really mixed well the the flavors in the Aniversario. The spice in both mellowed out, bringing out a lot of the calmer sweet flavors. The Rum & Cigar combination is not as commonly done as the Scotch and Cigar, such as those held at Mcmenamin’s, but is just as much the experience. Just choose a good rum, Sea Wynde or Zaya also come to mind as potentially good pairings, and get a recommendation from your local tobacconist. I’m still a newbie to cigars, but this seemed to work pretty well for me.

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