Imbiber’s 100

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From Darcy’s site, you can check out his take on the Imbiber’s 100, a list of drinks to “try before ye perish”.


1) Copy this list into your blog, with instructions.
2) Bold all the drinks you’ve imbibed.
3) Cross out any items that you won’t touch
4) Post a comment here and  link to your results.


If you don’t have a blog, just count the ones you’ve tried and post the number in the comments section.

List of Drinks You Must Try Before You Expire

  1. Manhattan Cocktail
  2. Kopi Luwak (Weasle Coffee)
  3. French / Swiss Absinthe
  4. Rootbeer
  5. Gin Martini
  6. Sauternes
  7. Whole Milk
  8. Tequila (100% Agave)
  9. XO Cognac
  10. Espresso
  11. Spring Water (directly from the spring)
  12. Gin & Tonic
  13. Mead
  14. Westvleteren 12 (Yellow Cap) Trappist Ale
  15. Chateau d’Yquem
  16. Budwieser
  17. Maraschino Liqueur
  18. Mojito
  19. Orgeat
  20. Grand Marnier
  21. Mai Tai (original)
  22. Ice Wine (Canadian)
  23. Red Bull
  24. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
  25. Bubble Tea
  26. Tokaj
  27. Chicory
  28. Islay Scotch
  29. Pusser’s Navy Rum
  30. Fernet Branca
  31. Fresh Pressed Apple Cider
  32. Bourbon
  33. Australian Shiraz
  34. Buckley’s Cough Syrup
  35. Orange Bitters
  36. Margarita (classic recipe)
  37. Molasses & Milk
  38. Chimay Blue
  39. Wine of Pines
  40. Green Tea
  41. Daiginjo Sake
  42. Chai Tea
  43. Vodka (chilled, straight)
  44. Coca-Cola
  45. Zombie (Beachcomber recipe)
  46. Barley Wine
  47. Brewed Choclate (Xocolatl)
  48. Pisco Sour
  49. Lemonade
  50. Speyside Single Malt
  51. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee
  52. Champagne (Vintage)
  53. Rosé (French)
  54. Bellini
  55. Caipirinha
  56. White Zinfandel (Blush)
  57. Coconut Water
  58. Cerveza
  59. Cafe au Lait
  60. Ice Tea
  61. Pedro Ximenez Sherry
  62. Vintage Port
  63. Hot Chocolate
  64. German Riesling
  65. Piña Colada
  66. El Dorado 15 Year Rum
  67. Chartreuse
  68. Greek Wine
  69. Negroni
  70. Jägermeister
  71. Chicha
  72. Guiness
  73. Rhum Agricole
  74. Palm Wine
  75. Soju
  76. Ceylon Tea (High Grown)
  77. Belgian Lambic
  78. Mongolian Airag
  79. Doogh, Lassi or Ayran
  80. Sugarcane Juice
  81. Ramos Gin Fizz
  82. Singapore Sling
  83. Mint Julep
  84. Old Fashioned
  85. Perique
  86. Jenever (Holland Gin)
  87. Chocolate Milkshake
  88. Traditional Italian Barolo
  89. Pulque
  90. Natural Sparkling Water
  91. Cuban Rum
  92. Asti Spumante
  93. Irish Whiskey
  94. Château Margaux
  95. Two Buck Chuck
  96. Screech
  97. Akvavit
  98. Rye Whisky
  99. German Weissbier
  100. Daiquiri (classic)

Hmm, 74 out of 100 aint shabby.  As for those I haven’t tried, well, suppose I haven’t sought them out.  Funny that I’m up on the liquors, not so much on the wine.  I have my reasons.  Actually looking back on the list, there are a few things I’m pretty sure I have had, but need to try again, because apparently they just weren’t memorable enough.  If you’re wondering what the hell some of these things are, go ask Darcy.  He’s like a very polite drinks-specializing google.

Looks like Scofflaw’s Den, Stevi and Sam Harrigan are already in on the action.  Looks like Marshall Stevi and I are about neck and neck.  This will have to change.

Strange things in the mail

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The other day, the postman left a rather unexpected item in my inbox.  A large yellow envelope, marked only with my address, and an eerily familiar logo…. BeachBum Berry!

But what could the bum be sending me?  The package was too flat for rum, too small for a new tiki or glass float.  Well, inside was a copy of Slovak publication Bar Magazine!

It ends up during his travels through Bratislava, he picked up a copy, and found an article on relevant blogs, with this here site mentioned!

Bar Magazine Blog ARticle was listed alongside the likes of Darcy, Paul, Jeffrey, Erik, and Helmut.  What a thrill!  Unfortunately, my translating skills are lacking, but I got a gist of the article from the publisher.

Hello there,

unfortunately, it is not possible for us to make a translation of all the article for you,
but for your informations - the story tell about influence and importance of phenomenom
of blog in the world of bartending and the your web address is noticed as one of the most interesting and respected in this branch.

Thanks for your interest,

Best regards,

Alexandra Tinkova
editor in chief
Bar magazine

So what does this mean?  Well, ahoj to any new readers out there.  Expect a few good things coming up with Becherovka!  Not just with a slice of lemon, either!

Ahoj, and thanks for reading!

A wee bit of late summer cleaning

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For you regular readers, or new readers, or anyone in general, this isn’t something very exciting, but I fixed the sidebar so it no longer drops down below the comments.  Damn you min-width!

I’ve also updated the Drinks Section to make it more readable, changed up the fonts, the favicon… you get the gist.  Let me know if you’ve got any feedback, I’d love to hear it.

In other news, I’ve finally put up my Concoctioneering section!  There are only a few things on there now, as I’m still translating a few items from my little black book.  Next due up, Falernum Bitters!

Critiki, when you’re in the need for Tiki

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If you’re reading this site, chances are you’ve hit Critiki a time or two at least. If you’re reading this and haven’t been, well, hit the link!

Critiki is a Tiki Bar/Location database. Not sure if there is a Tiki bar in your area? There probably is or was! On Critiki you can find the names, locations, people’s pictures, patron rankings and all sorts of other information on the site. Got pictures of a Tiki Bar to share or want to have your say on a place’s rankings? You can do that too!

It’s not only great as a place to find your next Mai Tai, but also a great place for research. Just because a place has closed down, doesn’t mean it isn’t still a part of the Polynesian Pantheon. If it existed, you can find it there.

Home Tiki bars are even welcome! Hell, even my old crapshack Reynolés Galley is in there (and highly rated. Thank you all, I do my worst).

Humuhumu, the developer and designer of Critiki, and all around awesome person, has recently updated Critiki with a slew of new features, back end changes, and graphic updates, my personal favorite being the Witco World Map on the Destinations page. There’s even a mobile version of the site, for the Tiki freak on the go!

So hit the site and plan on a Tiki Bar adventure for your next night out! Be sure to tell them Trader Tiki sent ya, for whatever the hell good that is!

Like BVDs, keeping it brief

Posted by TraderTiki on July 28th, 2008 — Posted in Site

Two quick notes before I put the finishing touches on my Mixology Monday article.

First, is now iPhone compatible!  Not that it wasn’t before, but now there’s an icon and an improved interface for ease of use on mobile phones.  Go ahead, put me on your home screen.  I dares ya.

Second, Reynolés Galley is now listed on Critiki, with one whopper of a rating!  It’s a grand reminder that all the expense and work was worth it, and that I am definitely in need of more rums to add to my collection.  Mahalo Humu!