Bird of Paradise Fizz

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MxMo19: Fizz!Ahh, another refreshing MxMo, and what better way to refresh, perhaps start the morning, or crisp up the afternoon, than with a nice tall delicious fizz. This month’s MxMo is hosted over at cocktailnerd.  Mahalo Gabriel!. I am pleased as Pequod Punch that this theme came about. As you may know, I am a big fan of a creamy dreamy fizz. I’ve posted on the Ramos Gin Fizz (still working on the 12 minute shake, ow my forearms!), and the Cream Gin Fizz, both fantastic drinks and worth a shot if you’ve got the stuff.

There are plenty of recipes out there with Soda Water, a Dr. Funk could’ve been nice, or a Suffering Bastard with Ginger Beer, even a nice Dark ‘n Stormy… not necessarily Tiki, but almost anything with enough rum in it will fit the exotic appetite. I decided to talk to Trader Vic to see what he had to say on the subject. Unfortunately, seeing as he’s been passed away for some time now, I had to consult his books for a more verbose response.

Here’s what Vic had to say on the subject of Fizzes in his Bartender’s Guide (1947)

The Fizz is an early-morning drink with a definite purpose-a panacea for hang-overs [note:referred to in his Book of Food and Drink as the "Butterflies, Whips, and Jingles"] … Many an unwary early-morning customer is knocked right on his ear by the bartender who throws in an extra slug of gin or fouls up the mixture with imitation or stale lemon juice. You’ve a man’s life in your hands, so take it easy. You don’t want him to peter out before noon, do you? That’s scotch-and-soda time.

The Bartender’s guide has got to be one of my favorite books for the whit and whim of the author. I prefer the Book of Food and Drink for the individual notations on the drinks, but there are plenty more recipes in the Bartender’s Guide. There’s also a lovely bit of knowledge regarding the use of various egg bits in a drink.

The addition of the white of an egg turns a plain Fizz into a Silver Fizz; add an egg yolk and you have a Golden Fizz. The addition of a whole egg produces a Royal Fizz.

Just a handy thing to know, and another bit of classic cocktail terminology.

So, delving through the book, I happened to notice the Bird of Paradise Fizz. The first thing that struck me is that the name is very Polypop. It sounds like something you could get at a Kon Tiki to nurse some relief from the night prior. The next thing that hit me about the drink was the inclusion of Raspberry syrup, which I happen to have made a few weeks back. Excellent! An alternate of Blackberry liqueur is given, but some alternates make entirely new drinks, and I need to use up the Raspberry syrup so, I stuck with the original.

The recipes goes as such. I have updated it a bit for more accurate measurements.

Bird of Paradise Fizz

  • 3 oz. Gin
  • 1 oz. Thick Cream
  • 1 egg white
  • 3/4 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
  • 1/2 ounce Raspberry Syrup


  • 3 dashes Orange Flower Water
  • Club Soda to Fill

Shake with lots of cracked ice; strain into large chilled goblet; add 3 dashes orange flower water and fill up with club soda.

Bird of Paradise Fizz

The drink has all the lovely flavor of a cream gin fizz, or any cream fizz, but the raspberry syrup adds a lovely exotic flavor to the drink. As well, the separation of the floating meringue is visible about a minute after the drink has been poured, giving a lovely look to a lovely tasting drink. As always, watch that Orange Flower Water, as it can unbalance, but lends such lovely notes to the flavor when used with caution. I also used Aviation gin, a lovely genever style gin distilled just a few miles from my house, at House Spirits Distillery! The lightly fruity sweetness of the gin played very, very well with the raspberry syrup.

I used a bit of a different technique this time with the cream and egg white. I put them into a separate bowl ahead of time and used an electric milk frother to mix them up. I didn’t notice a tremendous difference in the drink, but it did give me a bit of ease of mind that the cream and egg white would not cause any chunking or unusual protein bindings. It probably shaved a few minutes off of the shake, and I will have to experiment with it more.

So mix, enjoy, and give this a shot to resolve those nasty butterflies, whips, and jingles.

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