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A cocktail blog, primarily on Tropical or Tiki Drinks, as served by Donn Beach and Trader Vic Bergeron. In this blog, I want not only to record drinks I have served, and my views on booze, but I hope to encourage some sharing of ideas, and new experiments in cocktail culture.

About Trader Tiki:


I, Trader Tiki, aka Blair Reynolds, am a resident of Portland, OR. I work e-commerce by day, and bartend at night.  Occasionally I get to serve guests at my home bar “Reynolés Galley”. There’s a not very funny story behind the name, but you’ll have to ask me first. I’ve been delving into the world of cocktails for a few years now, and after reading Imbibe and obsessing over Paul Clarke’s Cocktail Chronicles, I have finally decided to roll my own, and get in on the fun. I hope you enjoy the site. Please note, this is best read with a cocktail in hand.


p.s. - Many thanks to Hanford Lemoore of TikiCentral for letting me use the Mai Tai icon!

p.p.s. - Trader Tiki designed by Jon Morris.


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