Zombie Punch

Posted by TraderTiki on September 6th, 2007 — Posted in Rum, Sippin' Safari

There can be quite a difficult disconnect when writing about alcohol.  The inspiration can really tend to skew the author.

What was skewing me a few nights ago were the Navy and Luau Grogs.  Last night’s tipple, however, was the prototype and predecessor for the tiki drink poster child, the Zombie Punch (p. 121, Sippin’ Safari).

This drink packed quite a whallop.  Last nights was my second run with the drink.  Initially I tried using Lucid (Absinthe) in place of the Pernod, and mixing my Don’s mix on the fly (and maybe with the wrong ingredients).  This worked out, well, strangely.  The drink was like a roller coaster of taste, which had to be experienced to be believed.  It was not great,  but the way it rocked back and forth was just the most unusual thing.  I think I need to make the mistake again, and balance it out a bit, because it has potential.

The Zombie Punch of last night, though, was strictly to the recipe, using Herbsaint, Fee Bros. Falernum, and the “made while I had the book in front of my face” Don’s mix.  It was quite good, and a real kick to the liver.  The 4 ounces (one of which is 151 Demerara) really hit hard.  The flavor was lovely, a bit of spice, but mostly smooth and rich.  I don’t see why the recipe ever got changed, but I’m just fine with the modifications made over the years.

Zombie Punch

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