SF Crawl 2008, Bamboo Hut

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The second stop on our San Francisco trip is the sweet and petite Bamboo Hut on Broadway.  The Bamboo Hut is unassuming from the outside, seated between a few adult DVD stores, but once inside the Tikis realy stand out, as well as a few poles, Lauhala matting, and puffer fish scattered about.

Bamboo Hut Masks

Volcano Bowls are regularly brought down from the shelf for excited patrons, ready to share a drink with a few friends (or sneaky strangers with excessively long straws).  The Bamboo Hut serves a decent amount of Tiki  Themed Drinks (though note, I did not say decent drinks), with their signature being  finger-lit Volcano bowl.  If you don’t know the finger trick, well, let’s just say learn the ways of 151 from a pro before attempting at home.  Bad things can happen .

The Bamboo Hut is the end of the Tiki Adventure on Friday night, and tomorrow brings us to Forbidden Island and a few more East bay drinking spots.

SF Crawl 2008, Tonga Room

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Tonga Room Entrance

Though not the first stop on the crawl, our first stop in San Francisco found us at the Tonga Room in the Fairmont Hotel.  The Tonga Room has been around in various forms since the 1920s, making it a regular watering hole for San Francisco tiki-philes.  Speaking of water, it’s one of the only restaurants you’re going to find with its own floating band stage, and rain storms on the hour every hour.  At one point in its lifespan, it was the hotel pool.  If there’s anyplace to catch a glimpse of what Tiki was in San Francisco, this is it, as you dine underneath the thatched roof of a long house, where outrigger canoes and tiki masks hang amidst balinese statues and a buffet bar you’d swear was about to set sail.

Tonga Room Pineapple

You can find their famous Tonga Room Mai Tai and Tonga Zombie in Sippin’ Safari and Intoxica, respectively.  Each drink comes in its own souvenir mug, which are NOT to take home, though a few have found their way out in random legwarmers and purses.

Tonga Longhouse

The Tonga Room recently underwent a renovation, and tikiphiles everywhere were able to breath a sigh of relief as “renovation” typically means “turning into a discoteque”.  This was more of a restoration, bringing back a bit of the original shine of the walls and matting, as well as a thorough cleaning of the pool.  Whoever got to pick up the pennies that day could surely own their own island today.

The Tonga hut is just the first stop for us, then it’s off to the Bamboo Hut!

San Francisco Tiki Crawl 2008

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San Francisco Tiki Crawl 2008

Once again, time is marching on and another Tiki Central San Francisco Tiki Crawl is upon us!  Coming up October 9th through 12th, this will be a doozy of a trip, as no decent Tiki Bar in the San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay and even South Bay will go untouched by the love of the Tiki Bus.

That’s right.  50 some-odd (and some very odd) Tikiphiles, packed on a bus, hitting the Tiki hot spots in the Bay Area.  Drinks on the bus, drinks off the bus, and more often than not, a few drinks hosed out of the bus the morning after.  Thanks to the fine folks at Mount Gay Rum, I’ll be headed down to cover the event on Friday and Saturday evening.  Because drinking vicariously is still slightly better than drinking alone.

Thursday Oct. 9th starts off the show in the south bay with Smoke Tiki in San Jose (my old home town), and Trader Vic’s Palo Alto.  Unfortunately, Martini Monkey in the San Jose airport will not be part of the crawl, as it is now behind security gates.  But, if you’re flying in to SJ and have a moment, I’ve been and recommend it highly as the best Airport bar I’ve been to!

Friday I’ll be flying in and joining the foray as we crawl out into San Francisco proper, hitting up Trad’r Sams, the Bamboo Hut, and the fabulous Tonga Room at the Fairmont.

East Bay Saturday will be an evening to remember.  I’ll be riding the bus all the way from Forbidden Island to Oakland’s Conga Lounge, the Kona Club, and finally settle in for an exotica event at Trader Vic’s Emeryville with The Mai Kai Gents!

Slowdown Sunday will be a relaxing pot luck feast at Forbidden Island, before everyone heads back home to their respective haunts.

Hope to see you there, just look for the guy in the Hawaiian shirt… (see, this is why I wear the Pith Helmet)!