San Francisco, Part the Second

Posted by TraderTiki on April 12th, 2008 — Posted in Bilge, Places, Rum

fi_sign.jpgTuesday evening found me home away from home, tucked into the corner of the bar at Forbidden Island. As Martin said, I wasted no time, arriving just as he was opening the door. I brought a bottle of Shrub and Primitiva to play around with, and Martin ended up making a very lovely Pusser’s and Primitiva daiquiri (4:1:1). I started off with a few of the new concoctions for the spring menu, as made by the staff at FI. The Xtabay was a tangy and spicy drink with Canton, Honey and Rum. The Fugu del Blanco took a different turn, with Gin, Gomme andxtabay.jpg Thai Basil as garnish. The Basil acted as a sort of a mint doppelganger, adding a lot to the nose.

Martin also showed off the E.Nos, from the Savoy cocktail book, as made with a rinse of St. George Absinthe Verte, which is a damned fantastic product, of which I’m happy to now own a bottle. The drink was at once everything and nothing at all, smooth at first and then expanding in complexity.

wop_fi.jpgApparently some folks knew I would be in town (damn those little birdies!) and Hanford Lemoore of Tiki Central and Mig showed up, as well as my own mother-in-law! Yes, there’s nothing like drinking with your spouse’s family. I traded Martin a bit of drunken computer work to get him to make my Wisdom of Pele, which turned out fantastic, and I was pleased to be able to share it with friends and family.

ephemeralpimento.jpgWith that out of my system, I felt the need for something with plenty of allspice to it. Martin whipped up an ephemeral pimento drink, some unnamed cocktail that may never be made again. It was an interesting union of pineapple and pimento, and I will have to try recreating it once back at the home bar.

151_fi.jpgOnce the last call gong was rung, it was time for something to really cap off the night, which came to me in the form of a 151 swizzle. The garnish used was a ball of ice, with powdered cinnamon on top, and a little jacket made out of a cocktail napkin, which made for a gorgeous presentation.

With the bar closed, goodbyes were said, and I stumbled the two block distance to my mother-in-law’s apartment to sleep off the evening and the previous day’s events. And so still, I sit at SFO, waiting for my flight to board, wishing I had brought my camera hook-up so I could setup this post now.

I am settled back home now, with all the things I like (except Alembic and Forbidden Island) surrounding me. I will be back to California, certainly, but only for friends, family, and the drink.

fi_patio.jpg tothebar.jpg fi_bar.jpg rumbook.jpg

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Comment by Tiare

I just LOVE that 151 swizzle with a ball of ice, powdered cinnamon and the little jacket of a cocktail napkin..its gorgeous!

Hope to be able to visit FI some day, i`m really far away..

Posted on April 23, 2008 at 12:55 pm

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