Nui Nui, on the Menu Feb 19th.

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Originally known as the Pupule (Hawaiian for crazy), the Nui Nui  was one of Don the Beachcomber’s original creations in his 1930s bar in Hollywood, and seems to have been fairly exclusive to the Don the Beachcomber restaurants and other of his haunts and creations.  There don’t seem to be any copies of this on the non-Don tiki bar menus I’ve seen.  Perhaps it’s because of the secrecy of the ingredients, or perhaps the name didn’t catch on.

You’d be lucky to find another like this classic on the menu at most tiki bars these days, but it holds a special place at Forbidden Island, and will be available on the special menu during Tiki Third Tuesday at Teardrop!

Nui Nui

It’s a true call to tropical islands, with some cinnamon, dark rum, and a mixture known only as Don’s Spices #2.

Nui Nui in Hawaiian means very very, or very large.  I think you’ll like this one very, very much.  Be sure to be at Teardrop Lounge on Feb 19th and have one!

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