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Posted by TraderTiki on August 14th, 2007 — Posted in Rum, Sippin' Safari

First off, I want to thank Rick for inspiring me to try this, and also going through all the motions and writing them down before I tried my own failed cooking skills on Don’s Coffee Grog Batter. I am so happy to have a good batch made up now.

Pearl Diver StrainingSo, here are some pics from my painstaking attempt at the Pearl Diver Punch. Sadly, I got nowhere near the beautiful bubbly top as on Kaiser Penguin, but it did start to do so during the last phases of the liquid. Mixing the batter wasn’t difficult, plus the smell of creaming butter always reminds me of baking cookies. What was interesting to me was that the butter still creamed, even though the sugars were dissolved in water. I’m just so used to the idea of the sugar cutting into the butter, but, I suppose it did but just on a more minute level.

Don’t those butter solids just look delish? The good thing is, only the lovely oily essence of the butter was imparted into the drink, so it wasn’t a chunky texture, but instead an oily smooth feeling. It wasn’t very strong, but it was certainly present.

I’m going to have to make this a few more times. Like the Jamoca, I still feel I didn’t capture the true essence of the drink. There are still a lot of tricks to learn and develop.

Pearl Diver Punch

The best part about having the batter done is that I now had Don’s Batter to mix all the other drinks with! Well, what other drink called for it, but Don’s Coffee Grog!

I am a huge fan of the hot Tiki drinks. I think a lot of it comes from the nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon combination (the Thanksgiving spices) that bring the feel and flavor of a good pumpkin pie. Of course, that has absolutely nothing to do with Pumpkin Smash, a pumpkin based liqueur that is just awful. Hot drinks that also come to mind, at least for me, are a nice warm egg nog, or a Thomas and Jeremiah. Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t wait for November to start into those.

But anyway, Don’s Coffee Grog really emphasizes not only the flavors in the coffee, bringing out the citrus and spice, but the vapor from the coffee, combined with the vapor from the Rum, brings the drink up to the nose like nobody’s business. I think that’s one of the truly enjoyable things about alcohol. The vapor brings so much of the essence up to the nose, bringing along with it the scents, spices and flavors of the contained ingredients, really opening up the drink to be enjoyed not only on the way down, but all throughout the system.

Now, unfortunately I had no small metal ladle to use in preparation for the drink. So, for presentation I instead used a metal jigger. This almost became a post about how I lit my copy of Sippin’ Safari on fire, but that would have just been unpleasant. However, I’m finding as I mix more from there, just like my copies of Grog Log and Intoxica, my Sippin’ Safari is now coated with about half an ounce of rum and various citrus.

I’ll have to do a comparison, but something about that 151 Demarara burns a lot better than 151 Bacardi. Maybe it’s the history of the spirit escaping in the form of a flame, or the slight impurities that make it oh so special adding heat and energy. Maybe it’s just really really high proof booze. But anyhow, make a Don’s Coffee Grog yourself, it’s a true delight.

Don's Coffee Grog

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Comment by Rick

I love your description of why demerara rum burns better. The Bum himself claims that the solids are an acceptable discard , but you’re not going to get a nice foam on top without them. Trying melting the mix and adding it first to the blender.

Posted on August 14, 2007 at 9:36 am

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