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Posted by TraderTiki on September 18th, 2007 — Posted in Tools

For those of us who do squeeze, despite Fees, it appears there are a number of interesting new devices on the market for making the most of your citrus.

Typically, I use a classicly styled citrus squeezer from Crate and Barrel at home, or if I’m in a pinch in another place, I’ll hand squeeze (cheapest juicer available!).  But these new devices, both found courtesy of Boing Boing, certainly would look nifty, but can they deliver on the goods?  Unless the manufacturer is reading and wants to send me one, the world may never know.

First is the Lemon Squeezer Screw, which goes directly into the fruit, and is can be used to continually drip the juice from the fruit.  I gotta admit, this would make for some excellent showmanship, but seeing as a tiki drink usually has me going through a few of those per drink, I’m not sure it would be heavily used.

Next is the Rubber lemon squeezer.  This is an alien-looking device that, frankly, looks a bit rude.  The idea is to keep the juice from going in your eye, but I see that as all part of the game.  A little citrus in the peepers can be refreshing, and a fantastic way to stay awake during a late shift.

What I’ve been on the hunt for, since I only recently found they existed, is the Juice-o-Mat, black or red, to match with my Ice-o-Mat ice crushers.  Unfortunately, after a bit of a tiki mug incident (see the Ooga Mooga link on the side bar) I’m no longer allowed on eBay, so, a-thrifting I will go!

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