Posted by TraderTiki on August 21st, 2007 — Posted in Bilge

Many crazy, crazy things going on here in the Trader Tiki labs.

First, there’s the complete and aged Pimento Dram #3, recipe and development by Chuck Taggart. This is, so far, unbelievably good, and adds a whole new dimension to drinks. Just like the Cinnamon Syrup in Sippin’ Safari, there is a whole-mouth feeling to this, not only coating the tongue, but really bringing the spice up through the sinuses, down the back of the gullet, a real nice spicy surprise in just about any drink. I really have to recommend the Three Dots and a Dash. It’s a really superb blend.

The best part of these new ingredients are all the different feels and flavors, but particularly the way they blend with the rums. I’m seriously considering a case of the St. James’ Extra Old. It seems every drink made with it just sings on the tongue.

Further experiments, each deserving their own update:

  • Raspberry Syrup
  • Raspberry Rum (Amber)
  • Raspberry Rum (Light)
  • Dragonfruit Syrup (failed, will try again)
  • Bacon Vodka.

More as soon as the kitchen is clean.

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