Eggy Thump

Posted by TraderTiki on September 24th, 2007 — Posted in Bilge, Gin, Morning Cocktails

Had some folks who stayed the night this weekend, which made me very excited to have an audience for some lovely morning cocktails.

Of course, this was the morning after a very exciting party where we christened a friend’s newly purchased house, with newly furnished home bar. A friend bartended, and as he took a break, I slung a few Q.B. Coolers, a Sazeresque (didn’t have lemon, used lime, totally different drink), and a few impromptu concoctions for the crowd. Seeing as it was a hearty evening, a hearty breakfast cocktail was needed. So, I made two quite delightful Ramos Gin Fizzes. Yes, I can shake two at a time, but not without some serious forearm burning. Still, I went through three eggs to make them, as one yolk got split and ruined the white. So, after those two were done, I had two egg yolks and one whole egg… what a waste! Until the Royal and Golden Fizz, that is.

A quick word about the use of egg in a drink, now that I’m able to say I’ve tried silver, gold, and royal. Silver, being a fizz with just the egg white, is refreshing and delightful. Egg white makes a fantastic ingredient in any drink, adding a lot to the texture, without altering flavor too much. Plus, there is the addition of some fantastic protein. Who says drinks can’t be nutritious too? Using egg yolk, as in Golden (yolk only) or Royal (whole egg) is another story entirely. It’s the difference between toast, and french toast. Vanilla, and french vanilla… almost makes you wonder why it’s called a gold and not a French fizz*… well, different categories of consumables.

The Egg yolk, used in a cocktail, changes everything dramatically. The texture becomes thick and drastically creamy. Of course, the use of egg yolk in drinks isn’t unfamiliar around the upcoming holiday season, so why not have it the whole year round? Something is left out of the yolk experience when the nutmeg is left out, perhaps. Yolk in a non-nog can be an acquired taste, but if you want a true “breakfast in a glass” the Golden and Royal Fizz can certainly help you get through the morning after.

*- Hmm.. the French Fizz, recipe coming soon, idea, probably won’t play well, but egg yolk and champagne. I’ll have to check this out.

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