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Concoctioneering, also known simply as makin’ stuff.

Here is the gateway to the goodie making, along with a few hints and tips I’ve learned, and a few good things to use them in.


tt_logo.gif Allspice Syrup

Used in: Getränkuchen, Trader Vic’s Style Navy Grog

tt_logo.gif Cinnamon Syrup

Used in: Gin & Cin, Belovéd, Nui Nui, Jet Pilot

Dark Falernum Dark Falernum

Used in: Jet Pilot


Dragonfruit Syrup - Weird fruit, weird color, great stuff!

Used in: Kiss of the Dragon

Orgeat bottled

Orgeat - Almond based syrup, a great sweetener and flavor enhancer!

Used in: Mai Tai, Japanese, Moresque

Pa avaetuli

Pa’avaetuli Syrup

Used in: Pa’avaetuli Cocktail


Primitiva - A liqueur of rum, citrus, cognac and vanilla

Used in: Lance’s Hurricane, Primitiva Daiquiri

tt_logo.gif Vanilla Syrup

Used in: Belovéd, Don’s Spices #2


Falernum Bitters

Bridgetown Bitters

Used in: The Tinted Tiki, Cuban Manhattan

tt_logo.gif Dry Fly Bitters

Used in: Old Wood


Power Drill

Coconut Creme - A mixture of Coconut infused cream and sugar.

Used in: Painkiller, Chi-Chi, Cocoanaut, Piña Colada

tt_logo.gif Rum Shrub - Rum, Sugar, Black Currants and Apple Cider Vinegar in a rather potent combination.

Used in: Something in Eric Felten’s book, I’m sure.

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