Updates and events

Posted by TraderTiki on March 7th, 2008 — Posted in Bilge, Events, MxMo, Site

Just a few notes on up and coming events and site changes.  Nothing so thrilling as opening a new bottle of Ron Añejo Aniversario, but just some niftys nonetheless.

First off, I’m going to give the old heave-ho to the google ads.  This should speed up the site a bit, which is worth a bit more to me than what the ads generate (just less than a bottle of bottom shelf booze).

Second, a reminder that Mar. 18th is the next Tiki Third Tuesday at Teardrop Lounge!  Yes, it’s a recurring monthly event, with a special menu of tiki drinks and tropical cocktails put together by yours truly and slung by the magnificent bastards behind the bar at Teardrop.  The special menu is available all night long, and rumor has it the drinks may even show up as nightly specials now and again, so be sure to drop in and let them know I sent ya.  I’m not even sure I can express in words my gratitude for their dedication to the evening, and the culture of the cocktail,so head over there and express it for me with cash!  The cocktails and conversation you trade it for are well worth the investment.

Last, I’ll be hosting Mixology Monday in May, with the theme of RUM!  So post a review of an exceptional rum, make a fancy new rum drink, grab an island and talk about its various rums, work up a rum combination that’d make Donn Beach drool, just go for it!  Damn you Rick for coming up with such a fantastic theme for this month, I’ll have to whip up something really deadly for that.

Library Updated!

Posted by TraderTiki on December 11th, 2007 — Posted in Site

Just a quick note that I updated the Library.  There’s some good picks in there for friends or family who are into this thing we call booze.

Of course, my wish list is up there to, he says with a wink and a nudge.

Bright ‘n Shiny!

Posted by TraderTiki on December 4th, 2007 — Posted in Site

Thought the site was looking a bit stuffy, so I spruced it up a bit with a new background and logo.  Let me know if it breaks your browser.

Special thanks to the artist, Jon Morris.  If you ever make it to Portland, the drinks are on me.

Pegu Club Cocktail

Posted by TraderTiki on October 22nd, 2007 — Posted in Gin, Site

One of the fun things about running a blog, or any site for that matter, is seeing where your hits are coming from.  I get a lot of the expected referrals from the Blogroll, a few unusual sites and trackers, but a recent, extremely unexpected referral was straight from the Wall Street Journal’s site, specifically, an article by Eric Felten on the Pegu Club Cocktail.

I couldn’t believe it!  My hits weren’t going up unusually, but still, being linked on a legit for real bigtime site, whoda thunk it?  So, scanning through the article… scanning, scanning, scanning… no link.  Until, I see a brief glimmer of my site’s URL in the footer of the page under “Blog Posts about this topic”, generated by Sphere.com.  Well, I was selected by an algorithm (and quickly sequenced out of that rotation), but still, inspiration to drink must always come from somewhere!  So last night’s cocktail was, the Pegu Club Cocktail.

Pegu Club Cocktail

You can read more about it in the article on WSJ.com.  The writer does a good piece on the drink, though the proportions are not what I used.  Instead, I favor the recipe from Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails, which reduces the Gin and Cointreau, and leaves the bitters to open discussion.  A very refreshing drink, the sweetness of orange and the sour of lime play very well, almost making a sour orange flavor, which I just adore.  One key for this drink is definitely the bitters.  I like this with a few hefty dashes of Angostura, but I could drink the stuff straight, so your taste may vary.  Fees Orange bitters also fare well, but if you’ve expressed orange oil into the drink, their addition doesn’t seem to add much.

If you look carefully at the picture, you can even see the orange my spiral came from in the background.

Drink Index up!

Posted by TraderTiki on October 1st, 2007 — Posted in Site

It’s a new month, and a new feature is now available.  The Drinks Index!

Yes, it’s a blatant rip-off from The Cocktail Chronicles own Drinks Index, but what can I say, Paul’s got something damn good there.

Meanwhile, been covering my barware in a bit of sawdust, adding new features to the bar.  I threw in 36″ of triple-tiered shelving (adds space for approximately 27 bottles… still nowhere near enough), harnessed the awesome power of IKEA to add some underbar storage and overhead stemware rails (no bartenders over 6′2″),  added a Bitters and Cordials shelf, got some LEDs for the under-liquor lighting to decrease the heat, and I’ll soon be adding tiki mug shelves behind the display windows.  Whew is it a lot of work, but entirely worth the effort.  Word has it a certain someone may be schlepping their way up here in the winter season, so the hatches must be battened down!