FI Runner Up, Mrs. Howell’s Spicy Side

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The fourth and final runner up of the Forbidden Island Cocktail Contest, Mrs. Howell’s Spicy Side, by JenTiki! This drink is on the menu at Forbidden Island from now through November!  This one’s a sweet little number I like to think of as the best spicy lemonade I’ve ever had.  Truly, so the saying goes, eminently quaffable. Cheers to the runner up!

Mrs Howells Spicy Side

Mrs. Howell’s Spicy Side

  • 1 1/2 oz White Puerto Rican Rum (Sub Cruzan Light)
  • 3/4 oz Spiced Rum (Cpt. Morgan at the request of JenTiki)
  • 1 oz Orange Curacao
  • 3/4 oz Lemon Juice
  • 1/2 oz Ginger syrup
  • 1/4 oz St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram
  • 1/4 oz Orgeat

Shake the hell out of it, and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a flamed lemon peel and paper parasol.

FI Runner Up, Golden Monkey Grog

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The third Runner up of the Forbidden Island Cocktail Contest, Golden Monkey Grog, by Patrick Callahan!  This drink is on the menu at Forbidden Island from now through November! A blend of some traditional ingredients, it’s got a lot of spice, and very little burn for all the booze.  The addition of coconut cream gives it a heckuva texture.  Cheers to the runner up!

Golden Monkey Grog

Golden Monkey Grog

  • 2 oz Cruzan Dark rum
  • 1 oz Lemon Hart 151
  • 1 oz Pineapple juice
  • 1 oz Fresh lime juice
  • 1/2 oz Coco Lopez
  • 3/4 oz St Elizabeth Dram
  • 1/4 oz Maple Syrup  (grade B)

Blend with crushed ice in pulses for no more than 5 seconds in a blender.  Pour into a Double Rocks glass, and garnish with a swizzle stick.

Oct. 21st, The Final Tiki Tuesday at Teardrop!

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Well folks, hopefully you’re hearing it here first.

Tuesday, October 21st will be the Final Tiki Tuesday at Teardrop Lounge.

With the summer sun dwindling mighty fast, the time has come to let it set on the monthly fun.  But this is no time to mourn!  No time to weep into your rum barrels!  If it’s going to be the last one, it’s going to be the best one!

Tiki Drinks will be available from a special menu all night, from 4pm to closing.  Here’s a sneak preview of the menu.

151 Swizzle
The Don the Beachcomber classic, inspired by his travels to Montego Bay.  It’s a potent and well frosted punch of 151 Demerara, tempered with Donn’s 1-2 of Bitters and Pastis.

Dark Magic
By Craig Hermann, of the NW Tiki Kon.  This is his riff on a Mai Kai Classic, the Black Magic.  Coffee and Passion Fruit play to tingle your tastebuds with this tasty tempter!

Golden Monkey Grog
A new classic from Patrick Callahan, forged for a recent Forbidden Island Cocktail competition!  A real traditional tiki tippler with lots of spice, and an out of this world texture.

Lei Lani Volcano
This drink hails from Disney’s Polynesian Village resort.  A balanced sweet and sour combination of Guava, Lime, Coconut Rum and Pineapple juice is no Mickey Mouse cocktail.

Mai Tai
Trader Vic’s most famous creation, and easily the most recognized tiki drink in the world.  This lightly sweet combination of aged Rum, Lime, Curacao and Orgeat put Trader Vic’s on the map.

Navy Grog
That good old Don the Beachcomber classic, with a mix of aged rums, grapefruit, and agave nectar.

Nui Nui
Don the Beachcomber’s spicy classic, with Aged Rum, Orange and Lime juices, and Don’s Spices #2, a secret only recently unearthed by Jeff “BeachBum” Berry.

Old Gold
A Trader Tiki original, this one’s a sweet treat with 12-year Aged Demerara Rum, Ginger, Orange, and a touch of Vanilla Extract and spice.

Rum Pot
Trader Vic’s sweet and complex original, recently unearthed for Tales of the Cocktail 2008.

Shrunken Bum
Taken from the Bum’s own notebook, this is our tribute to Beachbum Berry, author, lecturer, and one helluva guy.  Slightly Sweet and Cinnamony.

Zombie, 1950
The most infamous of all Don the Beachcomber’s creations, any more than two and you’ll be joining the living dead with this combination of tropical juices, passion fruit, and plenty of dark and light rums.

Zombie Punch, 1934
Unearthed from the depths of an old Don the Beachcomber bartender’s notebook.  This is the original Zombie, the inspirer, the downfall, and the resurrecter!  This is a potent one.

If that’s not enough to drag you in, there will also be a few special surprises… you may just be taking home a new Tiki Mug or Beachbum Berry Book!  What else could you want, a 96 oz. Volcano Bowl?  A live Ukulele act?  Well, we’ll see about that.. meanwhile, get ready for a tropic escape from the autumn weather!  See you there!

Teardrop Lounge is located at 1015 NW Everett Street, in the Pearl District of Portland, OR.

Martin Cate on Pirate Cat Radio, Sat Oct. 4th 4-6pm

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This Saturday, October 4th, from 4-6pm, Martin Cate of Forbidden Island and Judd (WeirdUncleTiki) of the Mai Kai Gents will be interviewed on LA Radio station and internet broadcaster Pirate Cat Radio.

In the LA or San Francisco Area, you can tune in at 87.9.  All others can join the broadcast at the Pirate Cat Radio website.

Lovingly snagged from TikiPug on TikiCentral.

FI Runner Up, Gantt’s Caipirissima

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The second Runner up of the Forbidden Island Cocktail Contest, Gantt’s Caprissima, by Craig Hermann! This drink is on the menu at Forbidden Island from now through November! This drink is a simple and simply delicious combination, the Grapefruit and Cinnamon combo is truly a Beachcomber classic.  Watch out for the grapefruit though, the thinner the peel the better it’ll be.  Craig also has his own writeup on the drink. Cheers to the runner up!

Gantts Caiprissima

Gantt’s Caiprissima

  • 2 oz Rhum Clement VSOP
  • ¾ oz Cinnamon Syrup (adjust to taste, depending on grapefruit sweetness)
  • ¼ Grapefruit cut into pieces

In a mixing glass, muddle the grapefruit chunks and syrup.  Add rum and crushed ice, shake, and pour the contents into a Double Old Fashioned glass.