Tiki Tuesday preview

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Just a little clip from Tiki Tuesdays past. It’s funny how the camera always seems to go dead after the second sip from the Scorpion Bowl

The next MxMo, now with new logo!

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Hey folks, don’t forget to get in your entry for Mixology Monday: Rum to me on Monday, May 12th!

Here’s what I’d like to see, and perhaps a bit of inspirado!

With this discussion of Rum going on, I figure it’s about time to explain my hopes and wishes for entries in the upcoming Mixology Monday XXVII, RUM! Hosted here at tradertiki.com. Rum is such a widely ranged spirits, from light and lovely to dark and delectable, even occasionally downright nasty (I do so need a bottle of Screech). In the spirit or the spirit, I would like to see a wide range of posts! A known cocktail’s a lovely thing, but why not hold a rum tasting of your own? Perhaps a rum review post focusing on a particular Island or Country. Find a specialty Rum Bar in your area and host a chat with the mixologists there. Grab a bottle at your local liquor store that you’ve never noticed before, and whip up a new concoction to wow the rum-soaked masses. Have fun, be creative, but most of all enjoy, and get your submissions with a thumbnail or full pic to me via e-mail with a link to the article! I can be reached at tradertiki AT tradertiki DOT com.

The face of joy

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leilani_td.jpg omp_td.jpg

What is the joy that is Tiki? Here is Portland local and Tiki Enthusiast Mark (OMP) Pederson, showing the true joy of a Lei Lani Volcano on Tiki Tuesday at Teardrop.

April Tiki Tuesday Menu

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Here are the drinks for this month’s Tiki Tuesday at Teardrop Lounge menu.  Hope to see you tonight!

Coronado Luau Special
From the new defunct Luau Room at the Hotel del Coronado in Coronado, CA. It’s a sweet combination of Citrus, Orgeat, Dark and Light Rums, and Brandy.

Lei Lani Volcano

This drink hails from Disney’s Polynesian Village resort. A balanced sweet and sour combination of Guava, Lime, Coconut Rum and Pineapple juice is no Mickey Mouse cocktail.

Mai Tai
Trader Vic’s most famous creation, and easily the most recognized tiki drink in the world. This combination of aged Rum, Lime, Curacao and Orgeat put Trader Vic’s on the map.

Nui Nui
Don the Beachcomber’s spicy classic, with Aged Rum, Orange and Lime juices, and Don’s Spices #2, a secret only recently unearthed by Jeff “BeachBum” Berry.

Penang Afrididi #1
One of Don the Beachcomber’s earliest drinks, but made most famous at his Colonel’s Steakhouse at the International Marketplace in Hawaii. The delicate rums, and citrus create a backdrop for the Pineapple and Pastis to mingle in some amazing ways.

QB Cooler
Don’s devoted tribute to the QB flight squadron from World War I. It’s a mixture of citrus and aged rums, with Don’s signature bitters and pastis combination. Rumor has it that this was the drink that Trader Vic was trying to recreate when developing his Mai Tai.

Trader Vic’s tangy mix of Orange, Lemon, Rum, Brandy and Orgeat. This drink is most famous as a bowl for four, but works quite well when served for one.

Suffering Bastard
From the Sheperd’s Hotel in Cairo, where a “poor, suffering barsteward” would put this together for the British officers who frequented the establishment. It’s a tart and rich combination of Gin, Bourbon, Lime and Teardrop Lounge’s own Ginger Beer.

Test Pilot
Don the Beachcomber’s classic combination of Rum, Lime, and Falernum, with a 1-2 punch of Pastis and Bitters.

Trader Vic’s Navy Grog

Vic’s version of Donn’s classic, with a mixture of aged rums, lime, grapefruit, and allspice. A lot of depth and spice in this one.

A tart and refreshing mix of light and dark rums, citrus, and orange liqueur, named for the now defunct Waikikian hotel in Waikiki.

The most infamous of all Don the Beachcomber’s creations, any more than two and you’ll be joining the living dead with this combination of tropical juices, passion fruit, and plenty of dark and light rum.

10 cane 10k

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Just a note to all Portland, OR area locals.

10 cane 10 k

10 Cane Rum is going to be sponsoring a 10 kilometer (about 6.2 miles) run on June 8, 2008.

Registration is $30, and includes a t-shirt, food, and of course, 10 cane rum.

More info can be found at Split Dine and Drink, and Portland-Oregon Magazine.com.  Online Registration is available at SignMeUp.com.