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I was just picking up some strawberries at the store yesterday, in order to make Tequila por mi Amante, and something stuck in my head.. now where did I just see something involving strawberry. Considering I check about 20 or so cocktail blogs daily, it can be a bit of a blur. But, reloading my visited sites, I spotted the Bloodhound over at Underhill lounge. Head there and hit his ads for the recipe.


This is a very delicate drink, with the crushed fresh strawberry, which came straight from the farm and was absolutely fantastic. I’d make a syrup, but my I’m just about out of empty containers at the moment.

What is interesting to me, as I ramble on, is the use of fresh fruit ingredients. There was not a strong strawberry flavor to this, as the strawberry rode on the back of the vermouth and gin. The strawberry instead nuzzled warmly in the other flavors, peaking out a bit at the apex, and resuming its mingling. Fresh fruit or juice will do that to you. Artificial ingredients or most store bought syrups tend to have very flat, easily identifiable but very blunt flavors. Fresh ingredients carry the full wave of taste, including the occasionally lost flavor (fruit is mostly water, after all), but then resurging, leaving a bit of aftertaste, and so on.

Man, just makes me happy the day I was weaned, and quickly, off of Rose’s Lime Juice. I can’t even recall the last bottle I bought.

So go out there, get some fresh fruits, and mix up a storm!

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