Blender vs. Mixer, part deux

Posted by TraderTiki on January 24th, 2008 — Posted in Rum, Tools

In these two challenges, a few wrenches are thrown into the works. The wrenches are in the form of hand-torn mint, and the notorious thick and delicious good Coco Lopez. Lets see how each fares!

Cobra's Fang, in the Blend v Mix challengeRound three, Cobra’s Fang

The Ice: Coarse, Machine-grind
Technique 5-second count blend/mix

The drink was a Cobra’s Fang, which adds the element of mint flakes (next time, doing a chiffonade) within the drinks. The blender had a huge advantage here, and chopped up the mint eagerly, while the mixer still had mint in the same chunks I had ripped the leaves into.

The ice levels were very different tonight, which may be attributed to varying levels in ice… a scoop isn’t always a 100% accurate measuring tool.

Again, the mixture seems to keep the intensity of the citrus and alcohol flavors. This may be attributed to very minute variations in measurement (same jiggers used for each), and slightly varying levels of ice. In a perfect world, I’d be able to work in alternate dimensions where the exact same scoop of ice was used with each, but, since I still haven’t picked up a Quantum Physics textbook yet, parallel worlds are still outside of my scope.

I did a temperature measurement as well, and found that both drinks settled at a reasonably chilly 28F after two minutes.

Overall, I’m feeling that both pieces of equipment are earning their place in my bar. Of course, if I’m going to serve another pitcher of Cocoanauts, you’re damned right that blender’s staying.

Round four, PainkillerPainkiller, in the Blend v Mix challenge

The Ice: Coarse, Machine-grind
Technique 10-second count blend/mix

I tried this with two methods, poured over ice and blended/mixed with ice.  I have to say that in both, the mixer definitely came up on top.  The thick Coco Lopez stood no chance against the four-fold aerator, creating a smoothly textured drink.  The Blender-made drink came out a bit looser and more watery.

The froth on top for the mixed drink was a LOT thicker, and somewhat more uniform, where the froth on the mixed drink was still just slightly more viscous than the rest of the drink.  The blender made drink was still a fantastic drink, it just had a few slight differences that made the mixer made drink just that touch more…. precise.

Tonight’s winner is definitely the mixer.  I love the froth on top of a good Painkiller, and this froth, as well as the texture of the drink, was absolutely top notch as made by the Drinkmaster.

Oh, and a fun note after reading the patent notice for the Drinkmaster; High speed is for dairy-based drinks (milkshake), and Low speed for “mixing other drinks, such as those which contain chipped ice, flavoring material, and powder”.   But I don’t think the Drinkmaster will be doing anything with powders in the near future (unless, of course, the Bum starts endorsing a flavor of kool-aid).

I think I’ve put these machines on some pretty good tests so far.  If you’ve got something you’d like to see tested, by all means drop me a note in the comments.   I’m a bit idea free for tomorrow night… what could it be?  A modern classic?  Add a Shaken drink to the mix?  Name it and I’ll put the results up!

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Comment by Craig Hermann

Perhaps a new site, “Does it mix?” is needed? I’m eager to be a test subject. I have to admit I find the blended drinks more visually appealing, but that’s only about 15% of my drink aesthetic: I’m not just going to look at a drink, after all.

Tonight I strain the Forbidden Fruit liqueur and start the aging process, and my first run of aged, proper Pimento Dram is ready. I sense a good weekend.

Posted on January 25, 2008 at 8:29 am

Comment by Heather

Hey, did you know you can use that Drinkmaster to make milkshakes, too? :D

Posted on January 25, 2008 at 9:20 am

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